Your Cost Of Transportation

“Transportation” is playing a key role for the growth of today’s industries . There is a nerve wrecking demand for smoother process as well as cost effectiveness in the logistics sector. We are here to help you solve your problems through just one click.

The miraculous click of

Logistics Junction also know as “LJ”, is an e-marketplace that connects companies & transporters on a common platform to transact day to day business transactions.Customer satisfaction is their first and foremost motive along with a highly user-friendly e-commerce platform.

So if your in search for a vehicle!! You can get the right type of vehicles at right time at a competitive price. Here are a few Perks of LJ:

  1. Availability of multiple Transporter
  2. Huge availability of Vehicles
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Transparent Bidding process
  5. KYC Verified transporters
  6. Last but not the least – a complete Logistics Solution

What is the Process?

Once you take a free registration & post a load, the transporters on the other end are eagerly waiting to respond to you. All you need to do next is track your load request from their site or mobile app & watch the magic unfold!!

Why come to LJ? 

Before LJ, you would need to call all your transporters for transacting business daily and even after all your efforts you would face a ton of stress in doing business with them .

After LJ, it’s the other way round the transporters will themselves come up for your load on your click.  You can get notifications on your registered phone numbers, E-mail and a strong back end customer support at your disposal.



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